MGR Gaming isn’t new except for the name which was chosen in 2018.

At MGR Gaming you can find any and all things gaming and technology related. Our strongest front at this stage being reviews, more specifically gaming reviews. MGRza has been writing reviews for quite some time now, with games dating back to early PlayStation one games.

However, that is not our long term goal, we are striving to expand to every area that is gaming and technology related. A few of these aspects will be news articles that cover up and coming games and events. Technology advancements and E-sports, if it is gaming and tech related, we will cover it and bring the news to you, our valued readers.

Our gamers have been gaming for more than two decades and have just as much experience with the
technology side of things as well as numerous other aspects.

We have no preferred platform, instead we appreciate and enjoy games on all platforms in numerous genres. That’s just how we game, if it can be played, we sure will give it a shot. We are also part techy, we do love our tech, our gadgets and all those fancy devices that change our lives.

We aim to help other content creators, be they writers, streamers or gamers, our aim is to unite and support you all. Stay tuned and updated because we will constantly be on the lookout for ways to update our level of support.

We at MGR Gaming will strive to deliver the same level of quality videos for your watching leisure, be they live streams, or created content such as video reviews, unboxing videos or shared clips from up coming games and hardware, we do love those sexy trailers…

Welcome to MGR Gaming, we hope you find what you are looking for, and remember our inboxes are always available for your opinions and thoughts.

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That is a question that follows each and every one of us throughout our lives, it takes us decades to fully live into who and what we are…. My story though… I am a gamer, this is a title that I can say I obtained from a young age, when the age of gaming was still rather young in South Africa, starting on those cassette “TV Games”, games such as Contra, Battle City and Mario Brothers… “walks down memory lane”… That is where it began for me and that’s how it grew for me, I have played professionally and casually all my life... (Currently more casually for time being), but I do plan on getting back into the Major Leagues. I game on PC, Xbox and PlayStation, I have my preferences of which games I prefer for which platform and I do not mind supporting them all, they all deliver quality and awesome games to us.

The areas I work in are I.T. as either a senior technician, specialist or IT security, with Corrosion Control as my secondary line of work. I believe in learning all you can while you can, knowledge truly is power, as an RPG and Strategy gamer I can attest to that as well.

Gaming has always been a passion and passion for the type of person I am is amplified, I invest everything I have into everything I do… I believe in helping to build our gaming community to higher and better standards, to make it larger than life itself. Reviews are another area I dabble in, sharing my remarks on games, old and new titles, when I find and finally play a title I have never played before, I do my part and write a review for it , to share my take on the game, I do believe in giving credit where credit is due.

In and around everything I do there is a dark theme, that is the inner Goth in me, I’m proud to say that I have been one since before I was a Gamer, I was a Goth before I even knew the word existed, and contrary to popular belief it have made me a better person, more patient with others, more acceptable and understanding of others opinions, whether I share them or not.

As an outcast one looks at life and everything that accompanies it differently, there is no rush to make choices or follow paths, so you have the time to see where it will lead and to what, so you have time to re-choose per say, making sure not to blindly follow what others wish you to follow., as for Death that follows me in everything I share and create, another add on to my life that grew with me, a Dark entity to some, a cruel master to others, but a very Dear friend to me that has taught me such valuable lessons in life, and for life reasons and personal connections that I will leave for another conversation, …. I became a Reaper, and as I grew into my life so did my title and here and now today, I am what I am … I am MGR; Master Grim Reaper…

I’m a package of Goth Girl, Aviation Enthusiast, Body Modification Artist and Gaming Enthusiast. I am a wife, mother, creator and artist.

I’m a passionate Aviation enthusiast gaining the love for aircraft from my dad and once upon a time held a Commercial Pilot’s Licence. For the last 5 years however, I have been a Body Modification Artist, specialising in all basic Piercings as well as Microdermals and Stretching. I love what I do, and I aim to take my skills to new levels as I constantly learn and improve upon what I do, whilst adding new skills to my capabilities.

My gaming experience started as a youngin playing Mario, Tiny Toons, Circus Charlie etc. I usually played with my brother and his mates as gaming evolved into more complicated games such as GTA, world of Warcraft and on occasion we would venture to the local arcade and play Pacman, Metal slug, Mortal Kombat and Tekken. Later on, after high school I started playing again on PS2, games such as Crazy Taxi, Crash Bandicoot and Burnout.

I write because I love it. Writing has always been a passion for me. I was given the opportunity to write for MGR Gaming, at the start of 2019; at first it was in game reviews. However, my
responsibilities quickly evolved and I started taking on news and events stories. It has been a great learning curve delving deep into the World of Gaming and Technology. Each day I learn more and more. This is by far one of the greatest rewards that this opportunity has presented me. Learning is a skill that has no level cap, so it is a skill we should never stop pushing to higher levels.

In case you were wondering LGRza stands for Lady Goth Raven and this name was a gift to me. Surviving on Coffee and loud music (mostly Gothic Rock and Death Metal) I’m a bit of a recluse, being most comfortable at home with my Family, but will occasionally venture out to attend various Goth events.

My aim is to deepen my understanding of Technology, it is a factor that is always evolving and upgrading; boosting our capabilities to greater heights. As far as gaming goes, I have been a casual gamer most of my life, in the last few years I have leveled up my casual abilities to a more suitable standard and understanding of gaming as a whole.

MGRza has a great many years of experience under his belt, in both Gaming and Technology; being his wife has really helped speed the ‘grind’ of learning and unlocking some essential skills to better cater for our community.

My tools of the trade are Mobile devices, PC and console gaming… Don’t forget board games and card games, the original games!