CDPR Hackers Auctioning Cyberpunk 2077 Code

CDPR Hackers Auctioning Cyberpunk 2077 Code

It seems the hackers weren’t bluffing as they have already begun trying to auction off the stolen Cyberpunk 2007 source codes as well as others.

After the audacious Cd Projekt Red hack earlier this week, it seems the hackers have gone through with their threat to sell off the source code for the developer’s major games. The source codes on auction include Cyberpunk 2077, Gwent, The Witcher 3, and these have been allegedly put up on an online auction site. The bidding has been set to start at $1million and the entire kit for $7 million.

This information comes from a well-known source, Data security firm Vx-underground which stated that the hackers posted the source code to the Exploits forum, an internet forum populated by other hackers. The hackers are apparently selling the codes immediately to anyone who is willing to fork out the cash.

The legitimacy of these claims was strengthened by a cybersecurity firm called KELA which specializes in providing threat intelligence to companies based on analyses of dark web websites and communities.

“We do believe that this is a real auction by a real seller who accessed the data. The seller offers to use a guarantor and he allows only those who have a deposit to participate — a tactic that is used by many sellers to show that they are serious and to ensure that no scam will occur,” a spokesperson for KELA told The Verge.

KELA’S threat intelligence analyst Victoria Kivilevich was reportedly able to download bits of the information provided to him by a person claiming to be involved with the auctions. This has cemented Kivilevich’s belief that the information is real.

Apparently, the auction is said to include source code for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales spinoff, and of course Cyberpunk 2077. There are reportedly also sensitive internal documents that were stolen although it is not clear what types of documents or even what the full cache includes.

Only users that deposit 0.1 bitcoin can participate which further proves that this is a legitimate auction and the source codes on offer are likely the real Macoy.

Vx-underground verified the pricing terms of the auction in a Tweet that includes the time of the supposed auction, which will be 5 AM ET / 1 PM Moscow Standard Time and run until 48 hours after the last bid.

This whole situation has just proved that even the Gaming giants aren’t safe from high profile Cyber crimes and this makes us curious as to what “other” documents the hackers have in their possession.

By: LGRza
Date: 11 February 2021                                                                     

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