Frostpunk: The Rifts Review

Survival is about to get a whole lot more intriguing…

Please note that this Review may contain spoilers from the Base game

Some key points that this game add on has to offer:

  1. New Endless Mode Map.
  2. New Building that can be constructed.
New Start
A brand new map to play on.


This new map is found under the endless mode section of the game. So, it can be played and replayed until you’ve mastered its survival requirements.

The start of something new is always exciting.

MGR Gaming’s Conclusions:

Frostpunk: The Rifts at first might seem very forthcoming since it is the first DLC for this amazing game and once you get it, it feels like a let-down since at first glance it does not add that much to the game.

Content base this DLC might not look all that worthwhile, let’s face it we are paying for a new map and bridge building, and yeah that might not seem all that great. However, considering the price we paid for the new map I’d say it was a steal, and it supports the developers. Map packs have always been a sellable DLC for developers and usually it is more than just one map but at a much much higher selling price. So, taking that into consideration makes it more than worthwhile.

Workers hard at work building your vision!

For those that prefer Endurance mode to Serenity mode will get a totally new experience from this map. It is not a matter of just building bridges and expanding, careful consideration and planning needs to go into where and when to expand. One wrong move can spell doom for your city, this is something we’ve come to love and hate about Frostpunk and this new map along with its fancy bridge refreshes that experience for us.

All in all, I think this is a fine little DLC to add to your collection. The price is right and the experience very memorable.

MGR Gaming Score 8

By: MGRza
Date: 28 August 2019

Additional Info:

Platforms: PC: Xbox One: PlayStation 4
Genre: Strategy: Simulation
Censor Rating: Mature
Age Rating: 16
Developer: 11 bit studios
Publisher: 11 bit studios
Release Date:  27 August 2019

Here at the end of things!

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