Medieval Dynasty Early Access Review

This one is going to be a total marvel when it reaches its fruition…

Some key points that this game offers:

  1. Massive Open World to Explore
  2. Sandbox Experience
  3. Full Survivor Experience
  4. Village Management

Our Early Access Review covers the game in its current state. Taking into consideration that we look at the game in its base form. The attention and effort invested, We look at the update and patch history to see how regularly the developers respond to reported bugs and release updated Game builds.

Gameplay & Controls:

The game has controller support which is pretty amazing considering the rather large variety of options we have here. Whether you are playing on the keyboard & mouse, or game controller the experience is equally brilliant. The game handles pretty well, it is mostly smooth with little to no issues. At times when running, or walking it does feel like your character is hopping about. But that in itself isn’t a train smash. Character control remains pretty great here, whether you are working the fields, crafting away, or stalking prey to hunt. The character movements are quite realistic and sync up properly.

Hard work usually pays off…

Animal movement also needs a little rework, at times the animals seems to be gliding about instead of running, again, not a massive issue, it does not hinder the hunting experience at all. Other than that, the only other big noticeable issue I’ve come across is where villagers will sometimes get up over another villager and wind up floating in the air. That is pretty much it, the developers constantly patch and improve the game, so large issues get fixed quite fast once they have been found or reported.

You start the game as a newcomer in the Valley. With nothing to your name, you set out to build your own fortune and fame. Claim a piece of land and build upon it. Starting with a mere house, you will quickly expand to having your own little village as you rise up. As you level up you will learn new technologies that will allow you to unlock new crafting recipes and buildings that can be built. Not only are there a variety of houses that can be built, but you can also upgrade them to higher tiers.

Build Barns, Woodsheds, a Tavern, and numerous other buildings to aid your village in being self-sufficient. Buy and breed your own animals to further improve the quality of life in your village. The game allows for a very realistic experience. You don’t only manage your villagers and assign tasks to them to complete, but you yourself can do all these tasks to live and experience this great game.

Home sweet home…

There are a variety of quests for you to partake in, ranging from simple fetch or hunting quests to some more intricate ones. There are also some unique events present in the game that is triggered by your Dynasty reputation.


The game is downright beautiful. There is such incredible beauty here that you can’t help but be in awe… The game features all four seasons, and every one of them has very realistic and lifelike representations. The trees, rivers, fields, and every other aspect that blankets the game’s world is accurately and beautifully represented by the seasons.

Winter is white and pure as far the eye can see, with little spots here and there of trees or rocks that stick out. The sight is absolutely incredible. Building models were created very beautifully, every building has its own unique appearance and layout. The game itself has such a unique and welcoming colour scheme that it’s not just a fun to play game. The visual aspects that you get to see and take in, are so welcoming, you can’t get enough of it.

Look at them grow!

Character models were created just as brilliantly, there is a span of different characters and they each have their own unique appearance and personality. There is an incredible number of small details that all received enormous amounts of attention to ensure they look the part. For an Open world game, this one looks totally amazing.


This game wouldn’t be what it is without its soundtrack. It makes the entire experience that much more memorable. Whether you are harvesting your fields, chopping down trees, or merely taking a stroll through the woods. The music adds so much realism to the game that you can easily spend hours in this game without realizing it.

Ready, aim…

In game, sounds bring the rest of the game to life perfectly by adding the right tune to the right action and event which further enhances your experience.


Albeit that the game has quests, it is completely sandbox. You do what you want, how you want, and when you want… Just make sure to eat, drink, and sleep on a regular basis. It is a survival game after all.

Building your village takes time, resources, and money, all things you can easily work for. It’s that work that also gains you the experience points so that you can earn skill points and unlock new technologies to further improve your village.

Slow and steady…

Whether you are chopping down trees, fishing, working your fields or caring for your animals. Almost everything rewards you for what you do and all of that can be reinvested into making your little village the perfect little spot in this kingdom.

MGR Gaming’s Conclusions:
Spoilers Ahead:

As it stands, the game is already more than worth its price. You will have hours upon hours of fun filled adventures with this one. It has been improved several times since its Early Access launch as well as regular patches to fix bugs and other issues that come to light.

The farming is getting there…

The game already has numerous mechanics in place that will be fully implemented in time, which further proves that the developers care deeply about their game. It is present in what they have given us so far as well. We have a beautiful, marvellous, and totally amazing game right here that is chock-full of memorable moments.

I can’t wait to see where they go with this game. The quests are fun and entertaining, and a great way to get around and improve your skills little by little. It is best to do all the work outside of the village during the day and either sleep the night away or do other tasks such as crafting or maintenance safely in your village. Not only do you manage a village, resources, and quests but you also need to cleverly manage your time because there is only so much that can be done in a day, and this is also part of what makes this game so brilliant.

What a sight!

It offers a decent challenge, whether you are new to survival games or an experienced survivor, this one will test your skills and that is absolutely great.

The Official trailer for Medieval Dynasty Early Access.

MGR Gaming Score 9

By: MGRza
Date: 1 January 2021

Additional Info:

Platforms: PC
Genre: 3D: Action: Adventure: Atmospheric: Building: City Builder: Colony Sim: Crafting: Early Access: Exploration: Historical: Medieval: Open World: Realistic: Resource Management: RPG: Sandbox: Simulation: Singleplayer: Survival
Censor Rating: n/a
Age Rating: n/a
Developer: Render Cube
Publisher: Toplitz Productions
Release Date: 17 September 2020

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