Eyes Of Sorrow: Streamer, Gamer Girl, Youtuber And So Much More…

Eyes Of Sorrow: Streamer, Gamer Girl, Youtuber And So Much More…

Up and Coming Twitch Streamer Eyes Of Sorrow is a gamer girl to the core and is passionate about gaming and it shows

Eyes Of Sorrow or “Zelda” is a mild-mannered soft-spoken streamer that engages her audience and plays all of our favourite games. Her calming voice and demeanour will relax you and her engaging personality will keep you coming back for more.

Beauty therapist by trade and Gamer girl the rest of the time she enjoys streaming to “be anybody I want, without any consequences as well because we just re-spawn.”

We were intrigued about Eyes Of Sorrow after watching her streams we decided to catch up with her for an interview.

Eyes Of Sorrow ready for action with her blue controller.

We asked her the all-important…

Who is Eyes Of Sorrow? And what is your backstory?

 “Eyes of Sorrow has always been me.

My real name is actually Zelda though.

I feel that I am just a comfortable person inviting anyone to come along with me into this world, where you can be yourself, help me in games, and to just have loads of fun!

Grown like a little cactus in Pretoria, I’ve always been surrounded by gaming, my folks always had some way to play a game, my cousins, as well, and growing up with it, it never left, just became an extension of me.”

Eyes Of Sorrow mermaid logo

What is your role in the gaming community?

“I was a big part of a Discord community called Zaders, I remember hosting game nights and inspirational girl nights. But for the past 2 years only joined in some South African Discord communities. That’s why I decided to start streaming on Twitch and uploading to YouTube again and, in a way, want to create my own little community that will one day merge into all other South African communities.”

Eyes Of Sorrow sporting her pink cat eared headsets.

What is your favourite genre of game?

“Currently, I really love Hunt: Showdown, which is technically a PvPvE horror type game but I do enjoy cute little indie games, some big titles, and more traditional multi-player games like Apex, Fortnite, or Ark. I do enjoy some me time but I also love playing with my boyfriend, family, and friends. And making more friends!”

Eyes Of Sorrow mid-game

What is your preferred gaming platform?

“PC, definitely!

I have had an Xbox 360, the PS3, and now have a PS4…but always just preferred PC as my platform of choice. “

Eyes Of Sorrow with her blue cat ears

What is your favourite thing about gaming?

“The whole ‘break away from everyday life thing. During the day I get to mingle with a lot of people as a Beauty Therapist but when I game, I can be anybody I want, without any consequences as well because we just re-spawn.”

Screenshot of Eyes Of Sorrow mid-game

What are your current projects and what do you have planned for the future?

“So with streaming on Twitch, uploading to YouTube, and forming my own community, I have joined some discord groups in hopes to become more involved and easing my way in.”

Eyes Of Sorrow

Well, there you have it folks so many reasons to join her next stream. So if you enjoy a calming and engaging stream where you can watch a variety of games being played and genuinely feel welcome then you should check out Eyes Of Sorrow’s next stream.

Eyes Of Sorrow Mid-Stream

If you are wondering how you can watch her next stream or when that will be here are the links to her socials:









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