FleeebJuice: The streamer /Content Creator With A Passion For Gaming

FleeebJuice: The streamer /Content Creator With A Passion For Gaming

Fleeebjuice, besides having a catchy on-screen name has many facets and a clear passion for all things gaming related.

Who is this laid-back down-to-earth streamer that has a natural talent for streaming?

We caught up with him for an interview because we were curious to learn more about this multidimensional streamer, gamer, sports coach, and all-around genuine guy.

If you’ve seen any of his streams, you’ve probably noticed that he’s a captivating host who is at ease in front of the camera and who makes you feel welcome while he explores the many gaming worlds he ventures through.

Fleeebjuice with braided hairstyle

To begin this journey of finding out more about Fleeebjuice we asked…

Who is Fleeebjuice and what is your backstory?

“I’m FleeebJuice! I love video games, music, anime, comic books, sports and so much more. I’m a pc gamer and have been since I was 4 years old playing Dos games on a windows 95 pc as well as jamming on a Sega Genesis Mega Drive.

The games I mostly played back then were platformers and the odd FPS title. Since then I have grown to love FPS and as of late, I am really enjoying Battle Royales.

This leads me to stream mostly BRs and FPS, but I do other games like Dungeons and Dragons, Marbles, Skribblio, Retro Games, and anything I feel like streaming.

In my work life, I am an Area Manager for Tumbling Tigerz which involves working with children ages 3-9, teaching them gross motor skills, hand/foot/eye coordination, spatial awareness, and the like. I manage 400 kids, 40 schools, and 8 staff members. I also play, coach, and referee Water-Polo.

I coach at 2 colleges, 1 prep school, 2 clubs, for my province as a team coach and as a specialized Goalkeeper coach and I do private coaching as well.”

Fleeebjuice as a sports coach

What is your role in the gaming community?

“I am a small content creator, so my role in the community isn’t the largest. Amongst my friends and streamer friends as well as my discord server, we organize community games and teaming up with other content creators to simply grow the community.”

Fleeebjuice's Setup

What is your favourite genre of game?

“My favourite genre is definitely FPS with more than 4k total hours across many fps/tps titles. My favourite titles are Apex, Valorant, Fistful of Frags, The Cycle, CoD Modern Warfare, Overwatch & as of late No Build Fortnite (I used to be a build sweat back in the day xD )”

Fleeebjuice mid-stream

What is your preferred gaming platform?

“I grew up on a pc, the only console I had was a sega genesis and when the PS2 was out for some time I only then got a ps1. So I spent most of my days on PC, and I still love PC and the capabilities and skill cap required to use a keyboard and mouse.”

Fleeebjuice's PC setup

What is your favourite thing about gaming?

“It was always the social element, as for many years I lanned with friends and went to competitive and social lans too. These days this is fueled by streaming which allows me to make many friendships along the way.”

Fleeebjuice is also an animal lover

What are your current projects and what do you have planned for the future?

“My current projects are just to develop my own stream further, trying to incorporate as many unique aspects of my personality and ideas into it. Other than that I just have a ‘main’ project which is Community Games that myself and a fellow streamer are trying to develop to its maximum capabilities.”

Fleeebjuice Mid-stream

There you have it folks Fleeebjuice is passionate about games whether online or on the sports field.

If you are intrigued and would like to catch his next engaging and entertaining stream where you will feel included and part of his team then you can check out Fleeebjuice’s socials below:

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