News: Free Loot
News: Free Loot

Battlefield 4™ Dragon’s Teeth

Battlefield 4™ Dragon’s Teeth

Free Loot, Get Your Free Loot Right Here!

Battlefield 4™ Dragon’s Teeth

Battlefield 4™ Dragon's Teeth

Engage in all-out urban warfare.

Head on over to Origin to grab your free copy of Battlefield 4™ Dragon’s Teeth.

A Little About The Game:

“Take infantry warfare to the next level. The theater of war broadens with Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth. This expansion primarily focuses on infantry-based combat in urban settings, bringing with it four more maps, one additional multiplayer mode, and a variety of weapons, gadgets, and assignments.”

*Requires base game to play.

Grab your copy HERE.

To get your copy, simply click Add to library. You will need an EA account to claim.

Battlefield 4™ Dragon's Teeth


More maps:

  • The Pearl Market. Battle in narrow alleyways and across treacherous rooftops.
  • Sunken Dragon. Wage war across the water as you maneuver within a floating restaurant.
  • Lumphini Garden. Pilot speedy watercraft in canals, and fight on foot on grassy hills in this massive park.
  • Propaganda. Use the fallen monuments of past tyrants as cover.

An additional multiplayer mode.

  • Dominate the competition in Chain Link, a new multiplayer mode. To win, players must capture various points in sequential order to bleed the enemy team of tickets.

More gear and assignments.

  • Complete 11 additional assignments, and unlock powerful weapons, including the Desert Eagle pistol, Unica 6 revolver, CS5 sniper rifle, MPX submachine gun, and Bulldog battle rifle. Other expansion-only gadgets include the defensive Ballistic Shield, and the Remote Assisted Weaponized Robot (R.A.W.R.), a remotely controlled vehicle equipped with an LMG and four grenade launchers.

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