Google Meet’s Noise Cancellation Feature

Google Meet’s Noise Cancellation Feature

Google Meet's Noise Cancellation Feature

Google Meet now has a feature that will bring noise cancellation to Android and iOS.

Since lockdown has forced us to work from home, many more people are turning to online meetings to get there work done. As such Google Meet formerly known as Hangouts Meet is fast becoming an essential workplace tool for schools and businesses alike across the globe. The video conferencing service is also adding attendance reports for schools and educators.

Consequently, Google has rolled out new features over the past few months to keep up.

The latest and greatest of these is the noise cancellation feature now being available on mobile platforms.

They started rolling these out in April and was more widely available in July. Unfortunately back then the feature was only ever available on desktop platforms.

Google Meet is now able to intelligently filter out background noise on Android and iOS, according to a new post on the official G Suite Updates blog.

Unfortunately, it won’t be available to everybody — you have to be a G Suite Enterprise or G Suite Enterprise for Education customer to take advantage of the feature. Unfortunately, not G Suite Basic, G Suite Business, or G Suite for Non-profits. There are also regional restrictions in “South Africa, the UAE, and surrounding locales.”

This amazing technology has been designed in such a way that it dampens background noise such as barking dogs, the clacking of the keys on your keyboard, or your screaming kids in the background.

Check out this video of Serge Lachapelle, a G Suite director of product management, demonstrating the amazing noise cancellation feature on a variety of household items, proving the capabilities of this must-have feature.

The noise cancellation feature is turned off by default on mobile, but you can turn it on while on a call by accessing the call’s settings. To enable, tap the “More” overflow menu, select “Settings,” and click “Noise cancellation.”

If you are a G Suite Enterprise for Education organizer, you can now also get an attendance report after your meeting ends. This can be sent via email and is available for Google Meet conversation with between 5 and 250 participants. The email will contain their name, email/phone number, joining/exiting time, and the length of attendance.

The noise cancellation feature for mobile should be rolling out as we speak and should be fully functional within the next few days.

This feature will undoubtedly revolutionize meetings on our mobile, anytime anywhere.

By: LGRza

Date: 29 September 2020

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