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ZAPA Is At It Again!

ZAPA Is At It Again!

ZAPA Is At It Again!

ZAPA has had many new exciting changes recently and here is the low down.

ZAPA is a name that needs no introduction in the South African gaming community.

They have only been around a short time but have already made huge waves in the PlayStation world and indeed the gaming community as a whole.

If you have read our previous article you will already know their origins and Modus Operandi, but for those who haven’t Ill break it down for you.

Started by D.J. Huysamen the ZAPA name started as a PlayStation group and has expanded exponentially.

ZAPA Is At It Again!

The ZAPA abbreviation has now become a fully-fledged Brand and has various functions namely:

ZAPA (ZA Playstation Association) dedicated to everything PlayStation where you can express opinions or “feedback on a game you bought, or want to buy….” or get advice from group members related to everything PlayStation.

ZAPA Collectables SA that is “Your one-stop group for all pre-orders and sales of Collector’s Editions, Statues, Figurines, comics!”, where all your Collectables dreams can come true.

ZAXA (ZA Xbox Association) which is for everyone that loves Xbox in SA. If you need a partner in crime online, or just feedback on a game you bought, or want to buy… This is the group for you! Anything and everything Xbox related!

ZAPA Gaming page which “is the home of every single Zapanite looking for a game, accessory, console, you name it! Built by ZAPA, for ZAPA!” This page encompasses everything ZAPA has to offer and not only for PlayStation.

ZAPA Is At It Again!

ZAPA also has a website where you can Pre-order your Favourite PS games and Hardware, buy hardware, merchandise, watch Streams, and even indulge in their range of delicious energy drinks to keep you going for that all night tournament or gaming session.

As you can see the ZAPA name has expanded rapidly and has so much more to offer us now including their new venture which incorporates Xbox as well. ZAPA is now offering pre-orders for the next-gen Xbox Series X console as well as various other Xbox merchandise and Hardware items.

ZAPA Is At It Again!

As most of us, ordinary gaming folk don’t always have the cash it takes to acquire all the latest and greatest gear, ZAPA also offers various payment plans to ease the strain of your purchase and allow you to afford that new item on your terms.

There you have it ZAPA is now a brand that will undoubtedly grow from strength to strength as they incorporate everything a gamer could possibly want or need, with incredible customer service too, who could ask for more?

By: LGRza

Date: 1 October 2020

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