Popup Dungeon Review

More than pleasant, and an absolute blast for sure!

Some key points that this game offers:

  1. Hours upon hours of content
  2. More than 1500 abilities and over 400 unique items to make use of
  3. 36 Playable characters
  4. Game Creation; Create your own levels and characters

Gameplay & Controls:

The controls for the game are fairly standard, and straightforward. At this stage, the game only supports Keyboard and Mouse input. There are some options in the menu that allows for customization if you wish to change up the button layout.

Beautiful “paper” scenery…

However, the default layout works rather well, easy, and comfortable to use. The game has three phases. Your game board where you roll the die and make your choices and decisions.  Once the option to start a level appears, with your main character you will be able to explore these levels freely. When you do reach an encounter the turn-based combat starts.

Tactfully place your squad and prepare to assault your enemies. Game combat is rather fun and quite appealing, especially considering the unique visuals we have. Once you claim victory you will be able to explore the level again, smashing environmental objects for gold. There are also a number of other interactable objects for you to find. These can grace you with new skills, gear, and spellbooks that increases the rank of your skills.

Camp fire stories are the best!

One of the greatest features that this game offers is the creation mode. You can go at it and create your own adventures, story lines, and worlds… That is not all, create your own characters, abilities, and gear. You have the creative freedom to do whatever you want.


By far one of the more unique and creative creations I have come across to date. A paper pop up marvel for sure. The level layouts are created in the form of a Pop-up world, as you venture forth, the world pops up around you.

Careful placement is key…

Incredible attention to detail was invested here to ensure that these levels are vibrant, colourful and very appealing. Not just to look at, but to play in and to explore. Each level is created to represent its story uniquely. Every action has a reaction and there is an accompanying theme to help set the atmosphere.

Then there are character models. Downright beautiful in their own paper rights. We have light characters, monsters, and darker characters. The perfect mix for an unforgettable adventure. Each of these characters were beautifully created, adorned, and clad in their own unique armour and garb.

The floor is lava!

The same can be said for enemy characters, they received the same beautiful creative input to ensure that they look the part.

In the settings menu, we have some options to fine tune how the game runs on our system.


The game features more than 200 fully voiced enemies. That says a lot.

The voice over work was done quite brilliantly for these characters. They have their own personalities and attitudes that accompany them. The voice over artists did an excellent job to bring them to life and fulfil these personality traits.

Here we go…

Whether you are a powerful wizard not to be trifled with or a paladin in search of a worthy quest. These characters have witty retorts to everything that happens in the game. The voice over work truly is one of the key elements that make this game so fun and captivating.

Everything in the game has its own sounds, whether it is you casting mighty spells, or setting up heals, there are quality sounds to bring life to your actions.


It goes beyond saying that this game is all about replaying. Not the same stuff over and over again, but the sheer amount of already present content. The freedom to create your own means that you can enjoy not only your own unique creations but those of other players too.

Hero Pose…

According to the developers, there are some updates planned for the future; Included in these is the possibility of multiplayer.

MGR Gaming’s Conclusions:
Spoilers Ahead:

I did not expect to have this much fun in this game. The sheer volume of creativity that went into this game is more than just present, it astonishes you when you take it all in. the beautiful level design, the unique characters, it’s all just works of art.

Then there are the story lines, there are several to explore and experience. Each of these offering their own quirky and very entertaining stories, filled with sarcasm and choices. Wander Deserts or explore massive Castles, or lose yourself in a Post-Apocalyptic world. There is so much to do, to see and to explore that you can lose yourself in this beauty.

Search and destroy…

The sheer volume of available content offers you a brand new experience each time. The massive list of characters and abilities makes the experience most memorable without concerns for repetitive occurrences.

AI for the game is another uniquely implemented element. Well balanced and quite the challenge.

You are in for a grand adventure here. One that is more than memorable and worth every second you spend in it.

The Official trailer for Popup Dungeon.

MGR Gaming Score 9

By: MGRza
Date: 11 August 2020

Additional Info:

Platforms: PC
Genre: Strategy: RPG: Indie: Dungeon Crawler: Roguelike: Turn-Based: Turn-Based Strategy:  Tactical RPG: Moddable: Choices Matter: Character Customization: Replay Value
Censor Rating: n/a
Age Rating: n/a
Developer: Triple.B.Titles
Publisher: Humble Games
Release Date: 12 August 2020

MGR Gaming Steam Curator:

By: MGRza

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