Redragon IRONHIDE GC-801 Gaming Case Review

Redragon IRONHIDE GC-801 Gaming Case Review

It’s a MONSTER! The GC-801 is going to utterly blow you away!

What’s in the box:

  • 1 x Redragon IRONHIDE GC-801 Gaming Case
  • 1 x RGB Controller
  • 1 x RGB Remote Control
  • 6 x 120mm Redragon RGB LED Fans
  • 1 x Instruction Manual


  • Efficient Cooling Solution: Six pre-installed fans, Pre-installed 4 120 mm RGB LED Fans in the Front and two 120mm Fans in the Rear provides great cooling and dynamic cyber gaming atmosphere
  • Motherboard SYNC RGB lighting
  • Extreme Roomy Internal Space
  • Full Tempered Glass design
  • Wide compatibility: perfect size for ATX/Micro ATX/ITX motherboards


  • 0.7mm thickness SPCC, dimension :450*210*530mm
  • 2*USB1.1+ HD Audio, 2*USB3.0
  • Top cover/Left cover/ right cover/ front panel all full window with Tempered Glass and CNC aluminium screws
  • With 1.5mm thickness iron feet pads
  • Fans capability: 4pcs*12CM LED Fan in the Front, 3pcs*12CM LED Fan at top, 2pcs*12CM Fan at Rear. 3pcs*12CM LED at power supply warehouse. Total 12pcs Fans
  • Support 240mm/280mm/360mm thick cooling in the front, 240mm/280mm thick cooling at top, 120mm thick cooling at rear
  • Carton dimension:630*290*595mm, Color package with pearl cotton
  • Bays 3.5 internal: 2
  • Bays 2.5 internal:  2
  • Expansion slots:  7
  • CPU cooler height: 165 mm (Max)
  • GPU video length: 380 mm (Max) USB 2.0
  • Weight: 1500 g
  • Colour:  Black/ Red
  • Warranty: 18 Months


Unboxing this one, was an absolute joy! Everything was properly packaged and encased in foam panels to ensure that the tempered glass and the rest of the tower is properly protected.

This tower is massive, and there is room for so much more! The design and look of the tower is quite beautiful. The tinted glass black scheme blends perfectly with the IRONHIDE’s black metal shell.

There she is!

The real magic happens when you switch it on. The case comes with six pre-installed RGB fans. Four in the front and two at the back. The tower also includes an RGB controller, so you can start this beast up in your own desired colour spectrum from the start.

There is enough room on the front and back side of the case for proper cable management as well. The Power supply has its own compartment at the bottom. This is accessed from the right hand side of the tower. This further gives you the opportunity to ensure cable management is neat with no unwanted cables displaying in your tower.


Supporting ATX, mATX, and mITX you can pretty much build almost any PC into this tower. It has more than enough room for you to build your dream PC, and then some. No matter what motherboard is installed, there is ample space left around the edges to properly lay out your cables.

The tower isn’t just big in terms of looking bulky, it is quite high and wide allowing for much larger complements to be installed. The sheer size of this tower allows for easy installation, and a wide range of water cooling systems choices. Your HDD’s and SSD’s are also installed on the right hand side of the tower to further remove unneeded cables displaying.

What does this button do!

Speaking of the right hand side, there is also ample room there to layout your cables with enough support and openings to properly lay out the lanes for cables to reach the motherboard and other areas. Truth is, if you spend the time needed to do your cable management properly you will find that the IRONHIDE provides you all the space you need to do just that.

The HDD’s have plastic anti-vibration holders that you install the HDD into and then into the tower. There are also metal cages supplied for SSD installations.


This is not a low budget case or a cheap design. Redragon actually went above and beyond, and then came back with a rather fantastic design. Everything that the IRONHIDE has to offer is top quality.

Whether it is the gorgeous tempered glass panels, or the frame itself. The frame has been remarkably well fabricated and finished off beautifully. The two feet ensures that the case rests sturdy wherever you decided to place it. The glass panel screws don’t require any tools to tighten or loosen, reducing the risk of an accident.

It’s huge!

The large amount of room available on both sides of the tower also allows for easy installations and changes. This further reduces the risks of accidents that tend to take place when working on the inside of a tower. More room makes the job that much easier.

The anti-vibration system for the HDD’s are a nice treat here as well.

User Friendly & Functionality:

The IRONHIDE is just like any other tower, just bigger and with much more space. Installations here are actually a lot easier given the extra room we have to work with. The added space allows for easy cable management and that is not all. You can take cable management one step further and perfectly route every cable so you minizine the visible cables.

Fun Fact is, there is so much room to work in that you are done by the time you have realized it. This extra room truly makes installation a breeze. The position of the PSU, and HDD/SSD bays work out perfectly, you can easily install those components. Supplying power to the CPU, Motherboard and GPU is the same, the IRONHIDE has enough openings to lay your cables decently in their destinations.

The top front end of the tower has 2x USB 2.0 and 2x USB 3.0 ports for us to easily plug and play. The power and reset buttons also sit here. Then there are the audio jacks for earphones/ or headsets as well. Last but not least, it houses an RGB button that can easily change the colour schemes of your fans.

Endless potential!

The IRONHIDE’s RGB controller sits on the right hand side of the tower. It can support up to ten fans, which means you can add an additional four fans to the six that you already have. The tower does support up to 12 fans though. The RGB controller also has an IR sensor and remote so you can easily change the features and settings.

These are not just colour schemes, but the remote also controls the fan speeds.

One note here is that the top glass panel should have been either higher up from the rest of the tower or a different design. The opening at this side may end up being too small to ventilate the heat from certain CPU’s. However, this depends entirely on your build and CPU cooler as well.

The fans run very silently; it is almost like they’re not there at all. No fan thus far has exceeded 1000rpm’s. The remote control can change the rotation speed as well.

MGR Gaming’s Conclusions:

When it is all said and done, this is one remarkably well built tower. It is an absolute joy to work in and on. The sheer size allows you to easily swap out parts and the best part is that there are no limitations to sizes. This beauty can fit almost anything that you want to install.

It’s gorgeous, it’s durable and damn pretty to look at. The price may be a tad sturdy, but considering you get an RGB controller that support up to 10 fans, a remote controller for the RGB controller and then six fans as well more than makes up for its price tag.

So much room!

The centre frame between the business end and cable end were beautifully constructed. The dedicated ‘holes’ for cable management allows for gorgeous builds to be built here.

Redragon outdid themselves with this one. It is an absolute dream tower.

MGR Gaming Score 10

By: MGRza
Date: 15 April 2019

Additional Info:

Brand: Redragon
Model: RD-GC-801
Type: Gaming Chassis