Redragon Kunlun Gaming Mouse Pad Review

Redragon Kunlun Gaming Mouse Pad Review

Redragon did something special when it comes to Gaming Mouse Pads, they offer high quality Gaming Mouse Pads at great price options.

What’s in the box:

  • Redragon Kunlun Gaming Mouse Pad


  • Underside is made of natural processed foam rubber, which provides a solid gaming platform, anti-slip, high-quality long-life design.
  • Engineered to improve mouse glide, super-fine high-density silk surface provides minimal friction and an ultra-smooth surface texture, waterproof and easy to clean.
  • Pixel-Perfect accuracy optimized for all sensitivity settings and sensors. Advanced multi-layer surface provides thousands of light reflecting microscopic points for ultra-precise tracking for both optical or laser sensor equipped mice.
  • Slick looking vibrant design makes it a joy using it on any desk.


  • Weight: 520 g
  • Dimensions: 70 × 35 × 0.3 cm


What we have is a sleek black Gaming Mouse Pad; On the one side we have Redragon going up and on the other Redragon coming down with a multi tone colour font that blends in beautifully with the black.

In the centre we have the Redragon Dragon in all its pride and glory. These little combinations make for one very visually appealing keyboard, especially if you are a gamer who isn’t that into all the LED and RGB crazes that have taken over today.

The Mouse Pads edges have been sewed carefully ensuring every stitch is perfect and without flaw to ensure that this little beauty is beautiful in every way.

Redragon Kunlun Gaming Mouse Pad 1
The Sheer size of the Dragon!


It sits steadfast on your desk with an anti-skid bottom to ensure that the mouse pad does not move. The surface is a soft silk feel that is very pleasing to the eye and touch. Your keyboard sits steadily on it as well with no chance that it will move either however, when it comes to your mouse it performs like a dream. There is no delay or drag when you are casually using your mouse or quick scoping to ensure you maintain the standard of carrying your entire team. The Kunlun will not disappoint here, it brings the best out in your hardware…

Redragon Kunlun Gaming Mouse Pad 2
Highly Flexible .


The Kunlun is easy to clean and to maintain, a standard dust cloth will help keep the dust at bay and as I personally use wet wipes every now and then to get at tougher spots that require a clean, do note here! Certain wet wipe brands have a lot more moisture content in them than others, so be careful when using them so that water drops do not get into your electronic hardware such as keyboards.

User Friendly & Functionality:

You unpack it, place it down, ensure it is as square as you want it to be and there it will remain for your joy, to look at and to game on, not much to be said here. As I mentioned above, it really brings out the best in your hardware, you can be a heavy keyboard user or mouse gamer, it will keep your keyboard in check to ensure that when your running and gunning there is no unwanted movement or sliding.

When your gunning down the enemy teams it will ensure quick movement and easy aiming, it is just up to you and your skill to make use of these enhancements.

Redragon Kunlun Gaming Mouse Pad 3
Exactly what we need.

MGR Gaming’s Conclusions:

Mouse Pads all sell in pretty much the same category and they mostly offer the same comfort and leisure. At the end of the day we pretty much pay for the extras, such as LED strips or the brand name.

However, the Redragon Kunlun Gaming Mouse Pad is a very decent buy for the price it sells at, it is mouse pad designed to last and offer its user all the comfort and joy.

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MGR Gaming Score 8

By: MGRza
Date: 12 September 2019

Additional Info:

Brand: Redragon
Model: RD-P005A
Type: Gaming Mouse Pad