Redragon Steel jaw GC-608 GAMING CASE Review

Redragon Steel jaw GC-608 GAMING CASE Review

This Compact beauty will steal your heart!

What’s in the box:

  • 1 x Redragon STEELJAW Tempered Glass RGB ATX Gaming Chassis
  • 2 x 120mm Redragon RGB Fans
  • 2 x 120mm Redragon Fans
  • 1 x 8+2 RGB Controller
  • 1 x RGB Remote Control
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
Redragon Steel jaw GC-608 GAMING CASE Review
Right side panel does not have tempered glass unfortunately.


  • Special Edition Fallout ATX mid-Tower PC Gaming case
  • Motherboard SYNC RGB lighting
  • Pre-installed Fans: 2 standard black fans in the front, 1 RGB fan on top, 1 RGB fan at the back
  • Space for 6 fans
  • Can take up to 6 Hard-Drives
  • Dynamic RGB lighting that will have all your friends in awe
  • Convenient top-mounted I/O panel: USB3.0X1, USB2.0X2
  • Front and left tempered glass panel to showcase your build in all its glory
  • Striking Dragon Decal
Redragon Steel jaw GC-608 GAMING CASE Review
A classic and Dynamic Aesthetic


  • Power supply: ATX standard at bottom
  • Material: SPCC, ABS
  • Motherboard: ATX, Micro ATX
  • Case size: L410*W215*H450mm
  • Colour outbox size: 490*270*500mm
  • Package includes 2(or 3) RGB double-ring fans, control box
  • IO port: USB3.0*1+USB2.0*2+HD
  • Fan capacity: 120mm *2 at FRONT ,120mm*1 RGB on TOP, 120mm Fan*1 RGB at REAR
  • GC-608 fans: 2 RGB fans in the front, 1 fan at the top
  • Supports Motherboard RGB SYNC
  • With HDD frame


Eye-catching doesn’t even begin to describe this gorgeous chassis. This compact little case is carefully packaged in foam to protect the glass.

The first thing you see when you turn it on is the beautiful and menacing Dragon reaching out at you with the world sitting behind his head. The glass against the black casing is so striking, and with the RGB element, you can literally choose any colour combination you wish.

Every part of the Aesthetics is beautiful, from the chrome on the feet to the black mesh dust cover, it all blends in perfectly. Redragon has done a really good job with the style and design of his beautiful case.

Redragon Steel jaw GC-608 GAMING CASE Review
Top View of the gorgeous mesh panel.


Supporting both ATX and mITX, the Steeljaw gives you a wide range of building options to build your dream machine. Something to note with the Steeljaw is to make sure what PSU you intend to use with it. It has a size limit.

Your HDD’s and SSD’s are also installed on the right-hand side of this tower to further remove unneeded cables displaying.

Also, on the right-hand side, there is ample room for your cables, with enough support to allow for cable management.  

There are specially designed plastic anti-vibration holders for your HDD to be installed into. Your SSD’S also have metal cages to hold them firmly in place.


The SteelJaws durability is immediately apparent. Redragon is known for their good quality products and this shows in every aspect of this chassis. The front and left glass panels are thick, tempered, and reinforced by its SPCC steel frame.  

All the accompanying components are made from good quality materials. There are four chrome feet with rubber on the bottom of the case adding stability to the tower itself.

Redragon Steel jaw GC-608 GAMING CASE Review
Calming to behold.

User Friendly & Functionality:

The Steeljaw’s RGB controller sits on the right side of the tower, The tower comes with four fans but can hold up to 6 fans. This case holds three SATA USB slots on the top for ample plug and play usage.

The fans run very silently; it is almost like they’re not there at all. With the remote control, you can set the colours of your fans along with the fan rotation speed and then some. The remote has a few other features as well to make life easier and more convenient for you.

MGR Gaming’s Conclusions:

The Steeljaw is a compact mid-tower with a reasonable price and jaw dropping aesthetics. This case is an absolute joy to use and so calming to look at with the RGB effects in full swing. The ample space left for cable management allows for gorgeous builds to be built here.

It is a beautiful and durable workhorse that was made for hardcore gaming. The only real issue I have with the Steeljaw is that there is hardly any opening between the glass panels and the tower itself. It reduces the airflow capabilities of the Steeljaw immensely.

The Steeljaw will give you ample opportunity and support to fully build your dream machine…

Redragon Steel jaw GC-608 GAMING CASE Review
It’s looking right at you!
MGR Gaming Score 7

By: MGRza
10 October 2020

Additional Info:

Brand: Redragon
Model: Steel jaw GC-608
Type: Glass Gaming Chassis

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