Resident Evil 2: Remake Review

So many memories, so many great experiences…, and they are all back!

Please note that this Review may contain spoilers from the Original game

Some key points that this Remaster offers:

  1. Complete Remake of the original
  2. New areas
  3. New Weapons
  4. New Gameplay Mechanics


They remade the whole game from the ground up. Every little detail is new and made to represent current gen. Character models, monster designs, buildings and objects look absolutely incredible.

If you played the original and then this one, it experience is unforgeable. The same great places with one hell of a makeover… Beautiful lighting effects, reflections that enhances the beauty and horror of the situation you find yourself in. Putting the entirety of it into words does not do it justice… The beauty present in the RE2 Remake is absolutely incredible, and it is present in all aspects of the game.  It fits in perfectly with the survival horror game that brought nightmares to our game times way back then… Seeing it again in this remade version brought so much back…

Hello there…

For returning players, you are in for one fantastic nostalgia trip. New player will experience a beautiful and masterful survival horror game. They updated the game mechanics as well. We no longer have Tank controls; Similar to RE7 we now have an over the shoulder view and we can move about as we aim and defend ourselves. Adding to the mechanics are sub weapons, we have the use of grenades and a combat knife. The combat knife has a durability bar and as it gets used it withers down and eventually breaks.

The soundtrack is different, which is to be expected. Albeit it doesn’t have that eerie feel to it like the original did, the remade one does wonders for its own game. The game portrays a stunning survival horror game. There is ample atmosphere to keep you on your toes clenching your teeth, and before you realize it a zombie is on top of you…, if you’re lucky that is. There are other things running amok here as well.

Home is where the Zombies are!

Locations in the game didn’t just receive a visual remake, they also got expanded. You can expect new areas in some locations whilst others were just enlarged when compared to their original sizes. There are so much more to this remake, you will have to play it to fully take this incredible experience in.

Don’t forget the additional content we enjoyed back then… Some of them made their way here as well, along with some new ones… Once you beat the game you will start unlocking additional modes that you can partake in.

MGR Gaming’s Conclusions:

Looking back at what I wrote, it does not feel like I did this game justice. They did incredible work with this Remake, that is for sure. There are a few notables that was a let-down… They removed some of the monsters we faced in the original which did suck to be honest… here I was sneaking through sewers just waiting for them to pounce on me, yet they never showed… The game does make up for it with numerous regular Zombies that can be found pretty much everywhere.

Let’s get this part started…

Several other changes were made to the game. Some small and others a tad larger, however, without spoiling them, I personally think it enhanced the experience as a whole, whilst offering some new variables in the remake. However, most importantly, they fit in perfectly with the lore of where Resident Evil is now.

Just like the original, the remake offers incredible replay value. Not only to beat your campaign scores by going faster and faster…, there are several new game modes that you can try out, each of them designed to give you some serious challenges. Let me tell you know, as hard as they are they are incredible fun to play.

Here they come!

With the updated mechanics and removal of the Tank controls it can go both ways. There is some veteran RE players that love those controls to this very day. I myself am one of them. Back then it was an acceptable combat and control mechanics, which happened to fit in perfectly with what Resident Evil was all about.

They tried to maintain it over the years slightly changing and improving it as time went by. It did change the nature of the series to a more action shooter based game, but RE 2: remake does not follow. Just like RE7 the game is a full on Horror Survival experience. This is not Gears of War, or any other shooter game, it was never made to compete with games like that and not should it be compared to them. The new combat mechanics works pretty well in my opinion. We have freedom of movement; we have sub weapons which essentially acts as a counter attack as well.

There be Monsters here…

I recently replayed RE 4 again and the first game I picked up after it was this one. And to be honest, it felt like a breeze getting into the handling and control mechanics of the game. Sure, enough this game has its own challenges, but for me, the new mechanics enhanced the overall experience at the cost of immersion. Something I can understand for this day and age.

I took the RE2: Remake as a sequel to the RE games, not a comparison to other games because Resident Evil has never been about that. It is here that they excelled once again delivering us a fantastic experience. If you are a RE fan you are in for a world of fun.

The Official trailer for Resident Evil 2: Remake

MGR Gaming Score 9

By: MGRza
Date: 28 January 2019

Additional Info:

Platforms: PC: PlayStation 4: Xbox One
Genre: Action: Adventure: Atmospheric: Classic: Dark: Difficult: Female Protagonist: Gore: Horror: Multiplayer: Puzzle: Remake: Resident Evil: Shooter: Singleplayer: Story Rich: Survival: Survival Horror: Third Person: Violent: Zombies
Censor Rating: Blood and Gore: Intense Violence: Strong Language
Age Rating: 17+
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Release Date: 25 January 2019

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