As it stands, the game is already more than worth its price. You will have hours upon hours of fun filled adventures with this one.

This controller is sleek and beautiful and instantly recognizable as an authentic Xbox 360 controller.

nd Of Watch is live and waiting on you Agents. With it comes new challenges, new rewards, and some new gear to up your capabilities…

Distinctive and the “stand-out” of the group, Skull is intimidating, to say the least. From his silver skull mask to the pipe that he wields against enemies.

Aesthetically the design is sleek and classic and will compliment any gaming setup and any headset you choose to display on it.

If you are a Call Of Duty Black Ops fan Ruin is a welcomed addition to any collection.

She is Gorgeous from the very first time you set eyes on her.

The Incredibly slim profile and stylish curved design is simple, classic and majestic to behold.

Eye-catching doesn’t even begin to describe this gorgeous chassis.