Dreamware Technologies Review

Dreamware Technologies Review

Let’s find out how they did…

We’ve bought from Dreamware Technologies before, more than a few times to be honest. Every time we were met with fantastic service and after sales service. Service this great deserves to be shared because as a consumer you need the best deal and once you have seen what Dreamware offers, you will never look back.

Site Build & Layout:

The site layout is marvelous. Being a technology supplier there are certain requirements that are always a must. Such as product information and specifications. Every product has been captured with every piece of information you could need. Specifications are accurate and there is an abundance of product pictures as well.

There are ample products listed on the website, and if something is not listed, they do try and source it for you.

Site Navigation:

This site has undergone some serious overhauling in recent months. Navigation was a slight issue a couple of months back, but that has since been improved. Searching for products is easy and very simple.

All the info you need…

The products have all been categorized into their respective categories that can easily be searched for, or selected from the side bar on the site.

Checkout & Payment:

You need to be a registered member to purchase from the website. The sign up process is simple and quick. Once an item has been added to the cart, you merely proceed with checking out, setting up your delivery address.

Once you’ve gone through the checkout steps, you will place your order and be given bank account details. There are a few bank accounts that they make use of so that you can easily EFT the Payment for your order.

Minutes within placing your order, an email notification is sent to you via email.

Packaging & Shipping:

Dreamware takes fantastic care to ship your items. Everything gets boxed in a proper sized box so that they can drown your product in Shredded Paper Grass. The entirety of the box is filled to the brim with this grass to ensure your product’s safety.

Accompanying your packaged goods is a Dream Chocolate that Dreamware supplies with every purchase from them. What’s more, it is accompanied by a personal note from the Dream team thanking you for the business opportunity.

Shipping usually takes  3 to 5 days. The reason here is that they do not stock most of the items they list. As an online only shop, once an order has been received it is then ordered from the supplier. Once the order is received, they package it and send it to you. They make use of The Courier Guy. We use The Courier Guy ourselves and have had no issues with them whatsoever to date.

The fact that they deliver to us on Saturdays further makes them the courier company of choice.

MGR Gaming’s Conclusions:

Sure, you may have to wait a day or three longer for your products, but it is worth it. They are not always the cheapest, but they are still worth it. As I mentioned earlier, we have purchased from them before, a few times for our own systems.

Each time we have been met with absolutely fantastic service, and after sales service. Their customer contact is excellent. Their preferred method is WhatsApp, this way that can reply quicker and more easily to any questions you have.

If you are unsure of a product Bret and Jess are more than eager to help you with any technical queries you have. One of the purchases we made had a faulty item, after chatting to Bret he said he will sort it out for me. The Courier Guy stopped at my house two days later to pick up my faulty product, two days later I received an update that MSI will be sending me a new one as soon as new stock arrives. A few days later said item was delivered to my door again. All of this was done at Dreamwares cost, it did not cost me anything to have my faulty item swapped out, and this was over Lockdown 1 as well.

Look at these beauties…

When buying a product, you do not just go for the best price, you go for the best service, and I have never experienced service like this from any other retailer. They’re after sales service is incredible and that is what makes them worth it through and through. You have that surety that when something goes wrong, they will do their best to sort it out for you.

Disclosure: MGR Gaming was not asked to do this Review. The Shop did not know that this purchase was going to be reviewed either. The product was also purchased by MGR Gaming.

MGR Gaming Score 10

By: MGRza
Date: 15 February 2020

MGR Gaming Steam Curator:

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