Pwned Games Review

Pwned Games Review

They are bigger than they appear to be…

I was looking at acquiring some lost Funko’s again for myself when a few acquaintances asked me to track them down their own ones. So, this has led me to some searching to find multiple versions of items that are no longer in production and I found these guys.

I have seen their name in the past but never purchased from them before, until now that is.

Site Build & Layout:

The site build is pretty decent. It is easy to access and there is a lot of product information available. They do not just sell new but also pre-owned. An item is clearly marked new or pre-owned. Further adding to the impeccable descriptions is the detailed information on what platform the games are on along with other information you will probably not make use of.

Home Screen

Detailed product descriptions are also present for every listed product. They also make use of a stock count and when a product is out of stock it is clearly visible as well.

Site Navigation:

Navigations is actually quite simple once you’ve given the site a once over. Once you have chosen the category you want to view in the top menu, you can refine your browser shopping experience using the left side bar.

Item View

They have a search and filter option that you can make use of as well. This comes really handy because they stock a variety of items, and given that a lot of them are games, there are game titles available on a variety of platforms.

Checkout & Payment:

Once you have added your items to the cart and you are ready to proceed with paying for them it’s a simple process to follow. A registered account is required though. Once that is out of the way you just follow the on screen steps, set up delivery address until you come to the payment options. Options indeed! They support a variety of payment methods that you can make use of to pay for your goods.

However, if a shop has an EFT option always go with that option. It is by far the safest option today, make sure what the required reference is, but your order number will always suffice. Once you have done the EFT, merely send them the proof of payment and there you have it. I’m not saying the other options are unsafe, merely that EFT is the safest and probably the cheapest when it comes to bank fees as well.

Once your order has been placed you will receive an email notification of your order. I used the Eft options and in less than an hour after emailing them my proof of payment, I was given my invoice number. The email also contained an update stating that my items will be packaged and shipped.

Packaging & Shipping:

They make use of The Courier Guy and to date, I have never had any issues. They bubble wrap your goods and then box them before shipping them to you.

The items I bought were also wrapped in a Courier Guy shipping bag, which adds a further protective layer and seal to your goods which is always a good sign.

MGR Gaming’s Conclusions:

This place was known and also unknown to me. At first, I was taken aback by their website, it had a massive selection of titles but after some diligence, I was confident enough to give them a shot.

Things went well, I had a website issue, but a quick call helped me get it sorted quite easily. The service was friendly and very professional. The goods arrived in good condition as well. I was actually quite impressed with the service and availability of the items.

Look at these beauties…

The only real issue I had was searching for an item from the home page and then when I went to use the sort tool bar, it will sort the entire website by my selection instead of my search results.

Disclosure: MGR Gaming was not asked to do this Review. The Shop did not know that this purchase was going to be reviewed either. The products were also purchased by MGR Gaming.

MGR Gaming Score 8

By: MGRza
Date: 17 February 2021

MGR Gaming Steam Curator:

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