Tales Of The Neon Sea

Tales Of The Neon Sea

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Tales Of The Neon Sea

Tales Of The Neon Sea

Welcome to a world of intrigue and suspicion.

Head on over to EPIC to grab your free copy of Tales Of The Neon Sea.

A Little About The Game:

“Tales of the Neon Sea is a retro-style pixel-art adventure, set in a fully realized cyberpunk cityscape where you will encounter innumerous items to investigate, curious easter eggs, and a whole cast of interactive NPCs.

You must analyze every detail, and discover the truth that lurks behind the heavy mist…Take on the role of Rex, veteran cop turned hard-boiled detective.

Investigate crime in a future cyberpunk world, where the magnificent sky city blots out the sun – but the neon lights never go out. Solve a strange murder case involving clues from a robot rebellion…

The illusion of the past re-emerges. The weird equipment inside the brain. The mysterious package of evidence. The shadow with a beaked mask.

All pointing to a serial murder case from 13 years ago… A semi-mechanical god manipulates the destiny of all in this utopia. Rebels lurk in the dark, in the underground world where chaotic slums and tricks grow. Our detective will scout for clues and end unfulfilled wishes…”

Grab your copy HERE.

To get your copy, simply click on “Get”; Wait for the page to load, a new window will appear. Click place order and there you have it. If you do not have an EPIC account, creating one is free.

Tales Of The Neon Sea


  • Gripping Narrative
  • Old-School Pixel-art and Detailed Environmental Design
  • Multiple Achievements and Collectable Elements
  • Rich and Varied Puzzle Design
  • Play as a Cat? Of Course!
  • An Intriguing Dystopian World

By: LGRza

Date: 2 April 2021

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