The Witcher Review

The Witcher Review

You are about to step into a Fantasy like no other… filled with monsters; human and creature alike… There is love, romance, war and politics…. You are about to experience a masterpiece like no other.

Some key points that this game offers:

  1. Create a character to suit your playstyle, choose from over 250 special abilities.
  2. Choice matters here, what you decide dictates the outcome of the story.
  3. Tactical action like never before seen in an RPG.
  4. Numerous combat styles that can be used in combination with magic.
  5. Motion capture scenes performed by actual medieval fighting experts.
Igni in action!

Gameplay & Controls:

This absolute masterpiece can be played entirely with the mouse or with both mouse and keyboard in tandem. Playing the mouse only route is rather simple, the camera moves as you move your character. The left click acts as the walk button to select the various in game options that are available to you; such as opening the inventory or selecting a magic type.

Playing with both allows you to walk or rotate the camera by means of keyboard buttons or the mouse, it is not exclusive, shortcuts exists for every function in the game giving you a wide and elaborate experience.

The game features and specializes in a deep tactical real time combat system that truly sets it aside from any other RPG game to date. The sword fighting styles, technique and animations are stunningly realistic and not just a joy to experience, but to perform as well.

2 Vs 1
My money is on Geralt!

You control the flow of battle through various sword style techniques, such as fast style for agility driven foes, or group style for when you are surrounded. Accompanying this Geralt makes use of unique magic that is only available to the Witcher, these abilities truly make Witcher opponents not to be underestimated.


Stunning, gorgeous and simply superb… CD PROJEKT RED truly outdid themselves here; every aspect of this game is truly pure joy to witness and experience.

The character detail, facial expressions, motions and behaviours are all incredibly recorded, performed and captured. The same can be said for the various monsters, and creatures that roam the lands, they all are marvelous to look at, hideous in some cases but beautifully drawn.

Plenty of beasts to hunt!

The motion scenes are all impeccably done as well, fluid, beautiful and very entertaining…

The animations that the game offers you are all on par, they move fluidly, they look great and they are simply amazing, such as casting magic. The animation is truly breath-taking, each sign has its own colour scheme, bright, colourful and affects the surrounding area, such as small fires that engulf the radius of the Igni sign. It is beautifully done, making it a superb scene to behold.

Blocking won’t help you!

We have various options to customize your game to your liking.


Masterful… Every sound, voice, and tune all makes this masterpiece an even greater work of art. The character voice overs are simply spectacular, there behaviours, attitudes and body motions reflect well on how they speak and what they have to say, a combination that has been wonderfully implemented.

Each monster out there has their own unique sound clearly differentiating what is what, that along with the background music, unique to each region really sets the tone of where you are… The clash of steel and bone can be clearly heard during fighting scenes, another realistic add on to this gem.

That is a big one!

The music is for this game truly makes it, it enhances every scene, every happening, it hypes up the fight scenes in such a way that you simply can’t get enough of… You can easily lose yourself in this gorgeous and entertaining title. 


The game revolves heavily on choices, your choices affect the outcome of a number of things, and especially how the game ends for Geralt.

This place is haunted for sure!

With that being said, you can replay the game three times to experience every ending, and each ending you can do on a higher difficulty to test your Monster slaying skills.

MGR Gaming’s Conclusions:
Spoilers Ahead:

The Witcher truly is an RPG like no other; it brings new and fresh mechanics to the genre.

The unique magic use of Witcher is but one of many new mechanics delivered by The Witcher, they may seem limited but in the role of a Monster slayer, this magic is the perfect weapon, each serves a role, and can be tailored to the individual gamer giving you room to customize your slayer.

Take that Monster!

Steel Swords for humans and Silver Swords for monsters, and each Sword type has the three categories; Strong, Fast and Group, each unique, is another new and effective mechanic, again they can be tailored to your liking, to create the ultimate slayer for the way you want to play.

In most games we craft potions as a means to use for when we need to, the same happens here, but what sets The Witcher apart is the fact that every potion has a unique ability and using it not only enhances your experience, but makes the game that much more enjoyable, if you play the game on a higher difficulty you will soon realize that a simple blade coating makes all the difference when hunting specific monsters…

The lovely Triss Merigold.

No Witcher should ever leave without their potions; it is part of what makes a Witcher a Witcher.

When it comes down to the numbers, this game is simply perfect, at first glance all the politics that the game is revolved around might seem like a drag but it is part of what make the story so great, live and experience Geralt’s life through your own eyes in three different choice based playthroughs, delivering a game experience like no other.

They are damn ugly!
MGR Gaming Score 9

By: MGRza
Date: 2 November 2007

Additional Info:

Platforms: PC: Mac
Genre: RPG: Fantasy: ARPG: Singleplayer
Censor Rating: Mature: Nudity
Age Rating: 18
Developer: CD PROJEKT
Release Date: 26 October 2007

MGR Gaming Steam Curator:

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