State Of Decay – Lifeline Review

Take command of Greyhound One; your mission. Secure and extract key scientists that have the potential means to stop this madness…

Please note that this Review may contain spoilers from the Base game

Some key points that this game add on has to offer:

  1. Brand new location.
  2. New buildings.
  3. New Radio Calls.
  4. Danger Zone.
In coming…


State of Decay – Lifeline offers a brand new dynamic to Zombie survival, difficult but packed with new and fun goodies.  The game only stops when you want it to stop.

That is a whopper.

MGR Gaming’s Conclusions:

State of Decay – Lifeline offers brand new locations for you. On the outskirts of a major city you are in charge of Greyhound One, the military unit who has been tasked with securing and extracting scientists that have the supposed means to stop the Zombie madness.

You start the game off with a military outpost acting as your base, build and upgrade it soonest. Get that ops centre to find you resources or fellow stranded soldiers, then head off to retrieve them adding to your roster here at the outpost.

Hold the line!

They will be needed, come Siege time the Hordes of Zombies will make for your base and it is up to you to not only hold out, but push the dead back. Fret not you can call in supply drops, from food, all the way to military grade weapons, and that is not all, drone strikes have been cleared for combat soldiers.

The game offers this and so much more in a new explosive environment… can you get the job done?

Things do not always go according to plan!
MGR Gaming Score 7

By: MGRza
Date 5 June 2014

Additional Info:

Platforms: PC: Xbox 360: Xbox One
Genre: Zombies: Survival Horror: RPG: Action-Adventure: Open World: Base Building
Censor Rating: Mature
Age Rating: 18
Developer: Undead Labs
Publisher: Xbox Game Studios
Release Date: 30 May 2014

Home base!

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