Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 Review

Agent, the situation is worse than ever! Prepare yourself, for the Hunter, is about to become the Hunted!

Some key points that this game offers:

  1. Massive Open Living breathing world
  2. Incredible Weather and Day/ Night Systems
  3. EPIC Sequel
  4. Brilliant Story Line Continuation
  5. Tons of Additional Activities
Our new HQ…

Gameplay & Controls:

The Division 2 is here ladies and gentlemen. And it is about to leave you breathless! They took everything that made the first one amazing and upgraded that whilst adding more content to it to ensure that it doesn’t have that same lonely open world feeling we had with The Division 1.

The controls and handling of the game are pretty much the same as they were with the original. There has been some improvement for some of the controls and handling for smoother gameplay. This works out perfectly with the upgraded mechanics. They have pretty much upgraded every aspect of the game. Combat was reworked to offer a more interactive experience along with more in-depth tactical options.

Lets kick some ass…

Skills have received a major upgrade as well. There are a variety of new skills available to agents now. Assault drones, Seeker mines, Shields, and several other skills have been added to give you a much larger selection to build the perfect playstyle for yourself. Each of these skills can also be equipped with mods to improve them, and the cherry on top here; Each skill has a subset of up to four specializations that you can choose. Whether you want an Auto-Turret that tracks and attacks enemies by itself, or a Flame Turret setting everything ablaze, or if you prefer to go big, how about an Artillery Turret that fires mortars at targeted enemies.

Every aspect of the game has received an overhaul to truly upgrade the game to a higher standard from what we had with the original. The new open world is no longer an empty shell! It Is alive with constant patrolling enemies and friendlies.  Whether they are gathering resources or scouting, they are out there, you can assist the friendlies and take down the enemies. Completing these actions rewards you with gear and XP. There are also control points in each district that you can assault and take control of.

Time to take out the trash!

The game world is absolutely marvelous, it is bigger and better than expected. They really outdid themselves here. Rescue hostages before they are executed, or take down territory control points, there are so many activities waiting for you…


The original looked gorgeous for sure… The sequel is something else entirely! The weather system was improved immensely! It offers a very realistic exploration experience! Witness how a sunny day slowly starts fading bit by bit as a storm creeps in! Before you know it, visibility is zero, rain is pouring down and bullets are flying everywhere! You are in a firefight with zero visibility!

There is hope…

It is an absolutely incredible experience! These weather systems work perfectly in tandem with the day and night cycle. Adding to the brilliant systems is the lighting and shadows! They truly outdid themselves here. Lighting is no longer just a flashy light that was added to give the area some beauty!

The lighting effects are impeccable, assaulting a control point with flood lights facing you, you can actually see the shadows reflecting as the light shines; what’s more, that light makes it impossible to spot and track the defender, you need to shoot it out! That is how realistic the experience is!

The game world is full of incredible beauty and detail! Just like with the original, they got the scaling down to a fine art! Apartments, shops, or office buildings, they all look and feel the part. Filled with items and furniture you’d expect to find in these places. Created with realistic details and appearances.

Our new playgrounds!

Every single aspect of this game has received this gorgeous makeover to ensure that no matter where we are, we have a beautiful and memorable experience! Character detail was done just as incredibly! We can customize how our Agent looks for sure, there are some new options available to us to offer us a more unique experience. NPC’s were created with impeccable facial features and ques to ensure they offer realistic and memorable interactions!

In the settings menu, we have a large variety of options to fully customize how the game can run on our system.


Truly remarkable… The in-game sounds are out of this world! I mentioned how incredible the weather systems are in the game, and part of what makes them so great is the realistic sounds that accompany them!

There are sounds for every aspect of this game, whether you are out and about exploring or tracking down a target, there are always soothing sounds to add to the experience. Further improving the game is the amazing soundtrack that livens up this world!

So much has happened…

Voice over artists did a pretty decent job bringing their characters to life with fantastic voice over jobs. They captured the emotional states perfectly for their characters. 

Under the settings menu, we have full volume control.


This one is all about replaying it! Just like before we can replay any main mission. World Tiers are in the game from the start, so once you beat the game, the game only begins. New missions open up along with new difficulties!

The worse has yet to come!

There are also reports that the Developers will be releasing numerous other content in future updates such as raids. There are also the Dark Zones and Conflicts which are pretty much all about PvP. Conflicts are straight up 4 Vs 4 whereas the Dark Zones are PvE and PvP. Both these game modes also received some overhauling to offer a better gaming experience.

The game is seriously fun and you will be playing it non stop for a long time to come. The developers really took to heart with what the original lacked and ensured that they improved the sequel to ensure none of the original flaws made it through.

MGR Gaming’s Conclusions:
Spoilers Ahead:

It’s been seven months since the outbreak and things have only gotten worse. The capitol has fallen and a distress signal has been sent requesting Division support in DC. The SHD network is down and we are running blind Agents.

From the moment you step into DC, it will be firefight after firefight as you fight to take back the city from the gangs. There are three new factions; The Hyena’s, The Outcasts, and then The True Sons.

Things will never be the same again.

The game is bigger and better than ever! As you travel through the city streets you witness how nature has slowly started taking back what is hers. There is vegetation growing everywhere… Numerous new animals can be seen throughout the world as well. Not just domestic animals, but deer and other small animals too.

The missions are fun, the story line is brilliant, and the improved combat and skills is an absolute joy to experience. They did a pretty amazing job with Division 2. Sure, there are some bugs, but they will be patched out soon enough!

My fellow Agents, your mission is bigger than ever and failure is not an option!

The Official trailer for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2.

MGR Gaming Score 9

By: MGRza
14 February 2019

Additional Info:

Platforms: PC: Xbox One: PlayStation 4
Genre: Action: Adventure: Atmospheric: Co-op: Massively Multiplayer: MMORPG: Multiplayer: Online Co-Op: Open World: Post-apocalyptic: RPG: Singleplayer: Stealth: Survival: Tactical: Third-Person Shooter
Censor Rating: Blood: Intense Violence: Strong Language
Age Rating: 17
Developer: Massive Entertainment
Publisher: Ubisoft
Release Date: 7 February 2019

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MGR Gaming Steam Curator:

By: MGRza

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