What’s New On Netflix In January 2021

What’s New On Netflix In January 2021

It’s that time of the month where we bring you our latest picks on Netflix SA.

Its January, It’s a new year and everyone has anticipated this time with renewed hope that this year will be better than the last. What better way to start off a year than with more binge-worthy content on Netflix.

Here is what is new on Netflix South Africa in January 2021

Kids Shows

  • Gabby’s Dollhouse S1 (5th of January ):

Cute cats, quirky crafts, and colourful magic! Join Kitty enthusiast and her sidekick Pandy Paws as they team up for a series of animated adventures.

  • Mighty Little Bheem Kite Festival S1 (8th of January ):

With Winter behind them, Bheem and his townspeople usher in a sunny new season in all their favourite ways during the Makar Sankranti festival.

  • Carmen Sandiego S4 (15th of January):

A master thief who uses her skills for good, Carmen Sandiego travels the world foiling V.I.L.E.S.’s evil plans with help from her savvy sidekicks.

  • Hello Ninja S4 (19th of January):

BFF’S Wesley and Georgia and their silly cat sidekick Pretzel transform into Ninjas and enter a magic world, where they solve problems and save the day.

  • Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous S2 (22nd of January):

The teen campers still on the run from dinosaurs find hope of a rescue with a small group of eco-tourists. But things aren’t what they seem.


  • Fate The Winx Saga S1( 22nd of January):

Determined to master their enchanting powers, a group of teens navigate rivalry, romance, and supernatural studies at Alfea, a magical boarding school.


  • Headspace guide to meditation S1 (1st of January):

Headspace takes a friendly, animated look at the benefits of meditation while offering techniques and guided meditations to jump-start your practice.

  • History of swearwords S1 (5th of January ):

Nicolas Cage hosts this proudly profane, funny, and engagingly educational series about the history and impact of the most notorious English swear words.

  • Surviving Death S1 (6th of January):

What happens after we die? This docuseries explores personal stories and research on near-death experiences, reincarnation, and paranormal phenomena.

  • Inside the world’s toughest prisons S5 ( 8th of January):

Raphael Rowe, who spent years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, volunteers to go behind bars in the Philippines, Greenland, and South Africa.

  • Night Stalker: The hunt for a serial killer (13thof January):

Beneath the sunlight glamour of 1985 LA lurks a relentlessly evil serial killer. In this true-crime story, two detectives won’t rest until they catch him.

  • Disenchantment: Part 3 (15th of January):

Princess duties call, but she’d rather be drinking. Free-spirited Bean exasperates the king as she wreaks havoc with her demon and elf pals.

  • Snowpiercer S2 (26th of January):

Snowpiercer is set in 2021, seven years after the world becomes a frozen wasteland, and follows the remnants of humanity, who inhabit a perpetually moving train consisting of 1001 carriages that circles the globe 2.7 revolutions per year (133 days to complete a revolution).


  • Penguin Bloom (27th of January):

As a mom copes with the aftermath of a harrowing accident, she finds inspiration from an injured magpie taken in by her family. Based on a true story.

  • Finding Ohana (29th of January):

In O`ahu for the summer, two siblings from Brooklyn connect with their Hawaiian heritage and their family on a daring quest for long-lost treasure.


  • Pieces of a woman ( 7th of January):

A heartbreaking home birth leaves a woman grappling with the profound emotional fallout, isolated from her partner and family by a chasm of grief.

  • The DIG (29th of January):

When a wealthy widow hires an amateur archeologist to excavate burial mounds on her estate, they uncover history-changing treasure.

  • Outside The Wire (15th of January):

In the near future, a drone pilot sent into a war zone finds himself paired with a top-secret android officer on a mission to stop a nuclear attack.

By: LGRza

Date: 1 January 2021

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