What’s New On Netflix In May 2021

What’s New On Netflix In May 2021

It’s that time of the month where we bring you our latest picks on Netflix SA.

It’s Mayday and with the ushering in of a new month comes new binge-worthy entertainment offerings from Netflix to sink your teeth into. This month we have many varying genres to choose from so there is something for the whole family.

Whether you are into Anime, Drama, Horror, Action Comedy, or even sitcoms there is something on this list for you.

Here is what is new on Netflix South Africa in May 2021

Kids Shows

  • Bakugan Armoured Alliance S1 (15th of May):

Dan Kouzo and his crew of heroes brawlers battle both challengers and powerful, evil forces as they work to protect humans and the Bakugan.

  • Trash Truck S2 (4th of May):

Six year old Hank and his best pal, a giant trash truck, explore the world around them on a fantastical adventure with their animal friends.

  • Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous S3 (21st of May):

Isla Nublar’s teen campers are back for another season of working together to get off the island of free-roaming dinosaurs.


  • Haunted S3 (14th of May):

Real people sit down with friends and family to share terrifying true stories from their past, re-created through chilling re-enactments.

  • Money Explained (11th of May):

We spend it, borrow it and save it. Now let’s talk about money and its many minefields, from credit cards to casinos, scammers to student loans.

  • The Upshaws S1 (12th of May):

A working-class black family in Indiana strives for a better life and a happy home while juggling everyday struggles in this comedy series.

  • Special S2 (20th of May):

A young gay man with cerebral palsy branches out from his insular existence in hopes of finally going after the life he wants.

  • Close Enough S2 (26th of May):

This season, the neighbors are dealing with growing pains as they navigate becoming older, identity crises, and a few alternate dimensions.

  • The Kominsky Method S3 (28th of May):

Acting coach Sandy Kominsky and best friend Norman Newlander keep each other laughing as they navigate the ups and downs of getting older.

  • Lucifer: S5 Part 2 ( 28th of May):

Lucifer makes a tumultuous return to the land of the living in hopes of making things right with Chloe. A devil’s work is never done.

  • Halston S1 (14th of May):

His name built an empire. His style defined an era. American fashion designer Halston skyrockets to fame before his life starts to spin out of control.

  • Slope Slap S1 (12th of May):

Gorgeous contestants slip, slide and sled their way down the South-Africa’s wintery slopes in this extreme reality sports competition.

  • Elvis Presley The Searcher S1 (15th of May):

In this docuseries, archive footage and interviews with icons shed new light on the life, passions, and pain of music legend Elvis Presley.

  • Selena: The Series: Part 2 (4th of May):

Selena Gomez fights to stay true to herself, spend quality time with her family, and grow her businesses while her career takes off.


  •  The Sons Of Sam (5th of May):

The SON Of Sam case grew into a lifelong obsession for journalist Maury Terry, who became convinced that the murders were linked to a satanic cult.

  • Nail Bomber: Manhunt (26th of May):

 This documentary examines the 1999 London bombings that targeted Black, Bangladeshi and gay communities, and the race to find the far-right perpetrator.


  • Monster (7th of May):

A talented teen implicated in a robbery-turned-murder fights for his innocence and integrity against a criminal justice system that’s already judged him.

  • Oxygen (12th of May):

After waking up in a cryogenic unit, Liz fights to survive and remember who she is before her oxygen runs out.

  • Dance Of The Forty One (12th of May):

A gay congressman marries the Mexican president’s daughter but cavorts with a young ma at a secret club. And then scandal hits. Based on a true story.

  • I am All Girls (14th of May):

A relentless detective finds common ground with a killer systematically targeting the perpetrators running a powerful child-trafficking ring.

  • The Woman in the Window (14th of May):

Confined to her home by agoraphobia, a psychologist becomes obsessed with her new neighbours and solving a brutal crime she witnesses from her window.

  • Army Of The Dead (21st of May):

After a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas, a group of mercenaries takes the ultimate gamble by venturing into the quarantine zone for the greatest heist ever.

  • Blue Miracle (27th of May):

To save their cash-strapped orphanage, a guardian and his kids partner with a washed-up boat captain for a chance to win a lucrative fishing competition.

  • Into The Storm (8th of May):

As a slew of tornadoes devastates a small town, most residents scramble for shelter but others defiantly try to capture the twisters on film.

  • The Last Shift (8th of May):

A fast-food worker retiring after 38 years of service clashes with his replacement, a troubled young writer with a more cynical view of the job.

  • The Strange House (14th of May):

When a big-city family moves to a remote town, two young brothers and their new friends try to solve the menacing mystery that haunts their home.


  • Castlevania: S4 (13th of May):

As Belmont and Sypha examine attempts to revive the infamous vampire, Dracula’s presence looms large. Alucard is having trouble accepting his humanity.

  • BeyBlade Burst Rise S1 (15th of May):

After training with legendary Valt Aoi, Dante and his trusty Ace Dragon lead the next generation of Bladers to battle in Japan – Beyblade’s birthplace.

  • Kuroko’s Basketball S2 (15th of May):

Five middle school basketball stars went to separate high schools, and now Tetsuya Kuroko and Seirin High are making their play for glory.

  • Love Death+Robots Volume 2 (14th of May):

The Emmy-winning anthology returns with a new crop of provocative stories, ranging from wild journeys on far-flung worlds to terrifying experiences close to home.

  • Eden S1 27th of May):

A human girl secretly raised by robots starts to uncover the dark secrets behind her lush, utopian world where humanity has all but vanished.

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